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About Dr. Meaghan Coleman

I have always been an advocate of pro-actively managing one’s health. Medical Doctors have their place in our lives but too often we run to them to fix a problem that doesn’t actually need to be fixed, but rather adjusted.

So many of our physical aches and pains can be explained by simple misalignments that magnify each other and cast themselves as much larger problems. My goal is to help you realign yourself through the use of chiropractic techniques including but not limited to: adjustments of the spine and extremities, soft tissue massage, and the knowledge and understanding that goes along with truly taking care of yourself so that you can live life to its fullest.

Together, we can figure out what causes you stress and what parts of your body take the hardest hit. Once we have identified these pressure points we can work on stretches and methods of relaxing these muscle groups so that when you are faced with such stresses, your body is readily able to overcome them in a healthier way.

Unlike most businesses who thrive on repeat business, I know that we have succeeded when you no longer need to come back as frequently or even at all. Instead, my business thrives on referral and word of mouth. My hope is that together we are so successful at attaining a better you that you will not be able to keep it to yourself.

Degrees from Logan University: Doctor of Chiropractic, Master’s in Sports Science and Rehabilitation